Furniture product development in China

Asiaction has been working on product development since 2008

Customizing existing products

For almost every project we work on, products need to be customized. It can be about changing the color or the material, modifying the dimensions. Our team work closely with you to really understand you requirements in your language (English, French & Spanish). We Communicate specifications in English and Chinese and make sure everything is properly understood by the manufacturer. We collect the samples in our office in China or go to the production site to check on the samples before we move forward.

New furniture product development

As a brand or for specific projects, you will need to develop your own furniture products. From a technical drawing or simple photos, we will handle the full prototyping of this design. The product could be made of several parts, each of them being made of different materials. We can work closely with one single factory for quicker results, or develop each part with a different manufacturer and assemble in our workshop to make sure your new design is kept secret.

Benefits working with us

Specialized in Furniture

We are specialized in furniture. Our partners factories have been audited, our project managers are trained, our inspectors are professional in furniture

A team on the ground

Our management team in located in Guangzhou in the heart of China furniture industry. Our inspectors are spread around main manufacturing areas in China.

Experts in Quality management

With a team on the ground since 2008, we prevent quality issues, run product inspections and factory audits in China.

One-stop sourcing solution

You get proper manufacturing solutions for your products at the right cost. We handle production plans and manage logistics to your warehouses.

New Sofa FOR USA HOTEL PROJECT - Product Development

Technical drawing from client


Office Chair - Product Enhancement

Original design


  • change casters
  • added a foldable cup holder
  • added an iPad holder
  • improved connection system between the seat and the base
  • added a metal part inside the table for improve rigidity
  • improved usability of the connection between the table and the axis



Technical drawing from client


Let's work on your idea

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