Furniture for e-commerce

Our team in China has experience is handling furniture website procurement operations from China. We find the right manufacturers to produce the furniture you need, we customize products (material, dimensions, colors, logos, etc.), coordinate multiple factories orders and optimize logistics. Our inspectors go on site to control the quality of the products, the packaging and marking (shipping marks, printed documents, logo, etc.). We even can prepare photos for your website and deliver them to your marketing team before the containers reach your warehouses.

Benefits working with us

One-stop sourcing solution

You get proper manufacturing solutions for your products at the right cost. We handle production plans and manage logistics to your warehouses.

Product customization

Change material, colors, dimensions. Personalize your products, labels and printed documents with your logos. Get new product quickly on the market.

Experts in Quality management

Since 2008, we prevent quality issues before production, prepare packaging following your standards, inspect products in China

Photoshooting in China

Professional photographers to take and Photoshop products photos delivered at the best price before you receive your goods

Competitive price design furniture online shop


MDF KD furniture – Quality Control China

Metal & plastic chairs – Quality Control China

Upholstery armchairs – Quality Control China

Photo-shooting in China

Final results

Let's work on your website procurement

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