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ASIACTION has the expertise, experience and resources to provide all types of furniture projects. 

Our expertise in the global purchasing process in Asia facilitates the precise identification of your needs and the development of adapted solutions.

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who is asiaction?

Founded in 2008 in China, Asiaction has become a leading sourcing company with locations in Europe, USA, China and UAE.

We are the leading furniture import solution provider for businesses. Our years of experience and expertise in the Chinese furniture market give us a competitive edge in sourcing high quality products at affordable prices. We provide personalized service and take care of the entire process from start to finish, so you can focus on your business.

our strengths


We provide clear, complete and fast solutions for the purchase of furniture


We meet your quality standards and strive to provide exactly what you need


We meet your requirements according to your specifications.


Our projects are highly customer oriented, so you can focus entirely on your sales.

local representatives

Aurelien Hivonnet

Director Europe

Gael Tauvel

Director Asia

Xavier Branay

Area Manager UK

Omar Azouz

Area Manager UAE

Alexander Reed

Area Manager USA

furniture sourcing
furniture sourcing

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