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China is not an easy place for lovers of quality, reliability and planning.

Working in China requires knowledge of the local culture, patience and organisation.


Furniture Sourcing & Quality Agency in China

Started as a sourcing and quality control agency founded in 2008 in Paris France, Asiaction was then registered in 2010 in Hong Kong by two French co-founders. With an operation office located in Guangzhou China, Asiaction is a well established agency helping buyers to find competitive products, develop designs, and maintain stable quality while producing in China.

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After years of operations on the ground, dealing with hundreds of factories and technical projects, we built a database of reliable furniture manufacturers. It took multiple factory audits, orders and inspections to select manufacturers that can be trusted for their techniques, quality management and availability.

Built around a human size organization and optimized tools, our team members can remain available to personally manage each project and keep a close communication with our partners.

Our Project Management Team

Gael Tauvel
Design Director
Aurelien Hivonnet
Managing Director
Vincent Capo
Project Manager
Benjamin Rojo
Project Manager
Madison Chung
Project Coordinator
Tingting Guo
Project Coordinator

What is included in our prices


We have built our company on principles of ethics and morals. Honesty leads the way we invest ourselves in each project.


Our business only exists because our clients count on the quality of our service. That makes us stand out from traditional Chinese suppliers.


As a human size enterprise, we strive to be available for all questions our client may have. Using many communication channels, we must remain at our clients disposal as much as we can.


It may be obvious, but customer satisfaction is so important to us that our business depends on it. Most of our clients come from word-of-mouth communication.


Being reliable is the key to everything. Constancy and stability in our delivery makes us the ideal partner in China.


In this modern world, where all information is accessible, we strive to be better that our competitors. Being efficient is the minimum we can do.

Our Mission

Flexibility, cost saving, efficiency

Being in China is still mandatory for overseas buyers who purchase from the Middle Kingdom.

But operating a buying office with talents in China costs now more than ever.

It becomes inevitable to work with agencies like ours in order to reduce operational costs and maintain a good level of efficiency and reactivity.

Simplicity, Security

Each project is unique, each market has its requirements. From our side, each factory has its weakness and strength. We aim to make sure that operations run smoothly and peacefully for our clients.

After many years of practice, we have gained enough experience in dealing with complex situations regarding furniture prototyping, production and logistics.

Eventually our goal is to simplify and secure the furniture supply chain from China.


We supply furniture for many different purposes. For professional use in hotels, restaurants or events, for retail as branded products, or for online shops as no-name mass sales items. We supply generic and custom designs as your request.