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Brands have higher requirements in terms of quality of the finishing, construction, material and design. Our Sino-European team has all the skills to organize and maintain a proper China based supply chain for your collections. We find the right manufacturers to produce the furniture you need, we customize products (material, dimensions, colors, logos, etc.), coordinate multiple factories orders and optimize logistics. Each production is inspected by our inspectors who control the quality of the products, the packaging and the marking (shipping marks, printed documents, logo, etc.). We can even prepare photos for your website and deliver them to your marketing team before the containers reach your warehouses.

Buy directly from factories

Products in Stock

  • Order and receive your products quickly
  • Small MOQ
  • 30-day door-to-door delivery

Factory order

  • Order exactly what you need
  • MOQ is one container
  • Delivery around 65 days door-to-door

Benefits working with us

One-stop sourcing solution

You get proper manufacturing solutions for your products at the right cost. We handle production plans and manage logistics to your warehouses.

Product development

Our team manage the product development with manufacturer and strive to put your product as quick as possible on the market

Experts in Quality management

Since 2008, we prevent quality issues before production, prepare packaging following your standards, inspect products in China

Photoshooting in China

Professional photographers to take and Photoshop products photos delivered at the best price before you receive your goods

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meeloa website pictures

meeloa product development

meeloa production quality control

meeloa photoshooting in China

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