Currently, there is a great diversity of furniture materials for outdoor sets. Based on your preference on different outdoor furniture material with different  features , you can make your own outdoor space style, enjoying the peaceful afternoon time.

The following introduction may give you a clear understanding in outdoor furniture material in selection.

1. Wood outdoor sets - natural style

Loving the nature? Surrounding yourself with wood furniture will leave you feel practically the charm of natural scenery such as the bright sunshine, the blue sky and the blowing breeze. Solid wood, an organic material, has a long life period which beats all other materials. Wood has a strong holding capacity and can have a nice veneer finishing of different kinds. For the wood, it makes us feel closer to the nature and the view.

2. Synthetic rattan set - economical style

Synthetic rattan (PE rattan) is a HUGE trend right now. Not only is it resistant to weather and UV-protective, but also it is environmentally friendly. It is light weight and easy to push and pull around the garden. Synthetic rattan furniture is very suitable for outdoor.  It does not easily wear off and it is easy to maintain and process. These are low in weight and price and suit the needs of a low budget house.

3. Alu outdoor furniture - durable style

Alu material furniture go great with a durability feature. It is hitting the markets and gaining popularity especially in American market. Alu furniture has advantages in long-lasting characteristic, aesthetic appeal as well as comfort. Being well known for its resistence to rust and corrosion, aluminum furniture is perfect for outdoor appearance. Let Alu outdoor furniture shine in your outdoor space!

4. LED outdoor furniture - fashionable style

Want to add some crazy and fantastic elements with party atmosphere? LED outdoor furniture are super fashionable. Add a happy splash of color to your gathering with your friends and families in the evening with shining LED furniture! Add a little with small pieces LED lamp or go big with LED stool. LED outdoor furniture provide a magical look for outdoor evening events. It is a symbol of fashion, leisure, youth and energy.

If you have any ideas about the outdoor furniture or you would like to share with us the furniture information, please do not hesitate to leave your comment or discuss here.