9 awesome upcoming trends in furniture for 2019

At Asiaction, we really like design, so much that we even work on our own collection of furniture. During the past year we have been exploring new ideas and tried to figure out what will be the most powerful ideas for the year 2019. We followed specialised media and attended some fairs (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Paris). We had the chance to discuss with both Chinese and international designers, listened to our customers carefully and we even got some secret plans from some Chinese suppliers.
From that investigation, I believe we have identified some of this year’s coming trends.

Let’s explore these new trends right away!


Art deco is a French trend coming from the early 20thcentury, since then it was widely used in architecture and design. This exuberant and luxurious style, somehow modernized, is back into fashion for furniture.


The third season of Stranger Things will be on air this summer. Meaning, the 80’s aesthetic is about to set up in your living room in 2019 too. “Memphis” is the name of a design group formed in 1980 in Milano (not Tennessee) and inspired by pop art. The style is colourful, the shapes and angles are geometrical. It pairs very good with Cindy Lauper songs.


Canopy beds with their curtains that can completely enclose the sleeping area are perfect for privacy and cosiness. With or without curtains, canopy beds are exotic and chic.


What is the point of a headboard? Why do people use it since Ancient Egypt?
Because it’s aesthetic and warm… this year it will be colourful, upholstered, padded and velvety.


The minimalist metal will be trendy. Take a slim metal rod, twist it carefully and make harmonious angles. Use it to make a table, a stool or a shelf. Metal gives a clean style to furnishing and can be used in all sorts of forms and shapes.


Curvy is not shy anymore. Generous lines become fashion in furniture this year. We expect simple and elegant chairs, tables or sofa with rounded angles which will be used to create relaxing atmosphere in 2019 houses and apartments.


Dark woods like wenge or dark renderings for oak or rubber wood will be a strong trend for this year. The variations on dark tones are classy and give a feeling of greater space.


The very specific patterns of Terrazzo is very easy to identify. Constellations of small marble coloured chips will be found everywhere this year.


Velvet started its come back last year already. It seems it’s here to stay for a while. At least one more year. It’s the new variation of colours that makes velvet modern and trendy again and again.


When velvet meets metal something special happen in the heart aesthetes. It can be found all around 2019 catalogs these days.

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