In furniture industry, it is significant for experts to forecast and foresee the trend at the very beginning of a new year.  So for 2016, what is the furniture trend to watch for?  We will illustrate this question based on experts’ opinions  in this field from three aspects: color, material and function trend.

1. Colour Trend

Color trend is closely related to the furniture and the furniture industry. Color represents the style and fashion. Applying color trends in your furniture and decoration will add a unique charm to your home. Donna Frasca, a Virtual Color Expert, forecasts the 2016 color trends as follows.

The color trend can give some inspirations and ideas for home decorations and for different home areas. As we can see from the above pictures, warm but calming colors are complimented while furniture is becoming ever more tailored and intuitive, both at home and in the office. Centered on simplicity, and serenity, the 2016 interior reflects the need to relax and refresh in your surroundings.  These colors will balance the mind, body and spirit in a fast-paced lifestyle.

2. Material Trend

In 2015, copper, brass and rose-gold metals are so popular and will continue to dominate in 2016. Metal furniture has the ability to instantly bring a sophisticated and glamorous touch to any space, whether adding a sleek touch with silver or chrome or warming a room with gold, rose gold or copper,

Interior designer Timothy Brown said that people can pretty much decorate a home based on the metal finishes used. Blending the metal with marble, wood or glass details, or even creating the metal with matt finishing is sure to add distinctive features of your space.

3. Function Trend

For office furniture, ergonomic feature is an important consideration all the time. With the development of the technology and innovation, the flexible trend has dominated the office furniture industry in recent years. And in 2016, according to Steve Delfino, the office furniture evolution is coming. The expectation for flexibility and adaptability  becomes the theme in the workplace and in office furniture. Height adjustable office furniture in the workplace shows the trend to be healthier, more flexible and dynamic. This significant innovative change in working landscape caters to a modern work style in the future.

The rapid change and the furniture trend by experts can certainly give you some inspirations and a general understanding. If you have any ideas or information about the furniture trend, please do not hesitate to share with us here.