Amazon accused of selling knock-off chairs

On Friday, December 14th, Williams-Sonoma filed a lawsuit against claiming claiming infringement and dilution of the company’s trademarked name.
The suit claims has organised “an unauthorised Williams-Sonoma branded store on its website, falsely claiming that these retail services are ‘by Williams-Sonoma’ and leading to a variety of customer complaints misdirected to WSI that actually concern Amazon’s unauthorised retail services.”

Amazon’s “Rivet” line includes products that are “very similar” to the West Elm brand of Williams-Sonoma, according to the resource presented by the latter.

“It is unlikely that Amazon has conceived a product line with almost identical designs that presents names that contain the same non-descriptive terms that Williams-Sonoma uses other than intentionally copying the West Elm product line,” the lawsuit states.

Amazon, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment on the legal remedy, which was filed in federal court in San Francisco.

The demand marks a new chapter of conflicts between the largest online retailer in the world and major brands that must decide how to interact with a company that can be a partner and competitor. Previously, Apple and many other companies accused Amazon of not doing enough to combat the sale of counterfeit products on its site by independent merchants. Williams-Sonoma’s lawsuit directly targets the company and alleges that it is “unfairly and misleadingly involved in a widespread copy campaign.”

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