A new website for summer 2018

Finally our new website is online !

We have decided to publish the catalogs of the best factories we work with.

And we will continue to do so along the year. Current customers, potential clients and visitors will be able to subscribe to our newsletter and receive weekly updates email when we post new catalog in the furniture area of their choice.

Of course, we can’t publish all the furniture we produce in China. For instance, we also handle many customized projects and therefore we produce furniture that will not be seen on those catalogs. If our clients allow it, we will publish photos of our projects on our website as well.

The idea of this website is to give more options to furniture buyers who can not visit every fair in China and cannot filter reliable factories from others. With the subscription mailing, we will also provide intelligence on the available designs from China since more and more factories create their own designs nowadays.

Our team did a great job put all together to build this website and will continue to update it.

Why is it interesting to buy with us ?

As we buy from many factories in China, we gain experience in knowing each of them. These orders tell us about the factory’s production management, about the quality of their products, and how they handle the after sales.

Making more orders in a factory gives us also give us the capability to put more pressure on them when difficulties appear, for example when they do not want to rework defective items.

Our prices include all our services in China:

  • Factory audits and selection
  • Production negotiation
  • Production follow-up
  • Quality control
  • After sales management

European grade service in China

As European managers in China, we know the requirements of western markets.

So even if our clients do not know all the rules, we will remind them about every aspect that must be brought to their attention and guide them in making their products complying with their market.

  • products required standards
  • labeling & barcodes
  • carton & shipping mark
  • user manual
  • and more