The right workspace can greatly increase employee peace of mind and productivity. Office furniture  is an integral part of the office and some subtle changes occur in office furniture. Office furniture may seem trivial, but a few simple design furniture in your office environment is a strategic tool for productivity, collaboration and growth. Here are a few changes or trends in modern office furniture.

1. Colour your office

Studies show that color can send cues about how one should feel. While individuals might have certain preferences for color, the effects of color influence people universally. The color blue, for example, is associated with water, which signals feelings of calmness. Red and black can suggest feelings of dominance and power, while yellow and orange are often symbols of happiness and excitement. Color can have subtle influences on moods and feelings, thus influence action and behavior. Surrounded by bright colors from office furniture, employees can get inspiration, stimulation and creativity from the office environment. We’re seeing more offices integrate pops of color in unexpected ways and therefore strive to be at the forefront of offering a wide color spectrum office furniture.

2. Movable office furniture

Everyone can imagine the importance of interaction in office. And sometimes office furniture can serve as tools to improve flexibility and interaction. For example, office desks can fit together like puzzle pieces and can be moved and recombined as employees see fit. In that case, employees can work individually or collaboratively after reconfiguration. Another example is the movable office chairs tablet. The office chair with movable tablet is a nod to the values of modern office design, which include mobility, flexibility and collaboration.

3. Office leisure space

Experts see a move toward creating spaces that are the antithesis of rigid workstations. Leisure space is widely used in modern office, or we can regard it as multipurpose workplace. Leisure space can add a different taste to the office environment. It is not only for relaxing and rest, but also for business meeting and brainstorming. Different furniture can serve different functions in this area. For example, in terms of openness, the semi-closed high back sofa is suitable for private talking, while sofa set tends to satisfy brainstorming and informal meeting. Leisure concept in office keeps in pace with office furniture and moves towards fashion and innovation.

4. Novel ideas

Novel ideas in office furniture may not be suitable for every single office, but it is a symbol of imagination and innovation. Also every idea in office furniture represents the company image. As a result, the office furniture can be an art with new concept.