Furniture Procurement
from China by Europeans

Any professional can import furniture from China.
Small local restaurants and large importers.

You need furniture for your hotel, your business, an event, a public facility ?
There are so many options available here in China.

Our European sourcing team will build the best offer for your specific needs.
Asiaction French project managers and quality management team will make sure you receive your furniture anywhere in the world in good conditions.

They trust us

We are very proud to list below companies as partners and satisfied customers. Join the list of trustee clients.

Import furniture for

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels, Restaurants & other Hospitality. We source furniture, lighting, decorative items, rugs...

Online retailers

Mail Packing, KD, UPSable expertise. Open Price Point selection. Customisable products.

Events & Contracts

Competitive prices, large choice. Continuous market monitoring. Responsive sourcing.

Brands & Stores

Solid and well finished products. We source your whole collection. Custom products & prototyping.

Work space & office

Durable and functional, we find and supply the office furniture you need.

Asiaction Furniture attends the world's largest trade fairs

We offer several services whether you attend or not the fair.


Upcoming session: 48th CIFF Shanghai | December 11-14, 2021


Upcoming session: 130th Canton Fair | October 15-19, 2021


Upcoming session: 27th Furniture China | December 28-31, 2021

Customer reviews

We offer great services and we help many clients succeed in China.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say about us.

South Africa
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Hello Vincent, You have been so helpful and I thank you so much. I don't think I could have been able to collect so much information by myself.
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Vincent, very happy to work with you especially because of your quick and precise feedbacks. Thanks again for fixing all the size and fabric problems in China. The chair looks amazing!
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The feedback from my clients I got so far has been fantastic. I am waiting for more today but the initial response has been great. We hope to place more orders early next week.
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Madison, I very much appreciate how easy it is to talk to you and well done for your English. Such a massive difference to other suppliers!
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I am so very happy with our shipment. We had only four chairs with minor issues. However, we are so very proud of our partnership, and I especially look forward to receiving more of your wonderful products. 🙂 Kindest,
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Dear Madison, Thank you for the information and photos. It is very encouraging to see how thorough you are with your quality checks and most useful for us! It is also exciting to see the full chair taking shape, so thank you for all your hard work with this.

Why making Asiaction your furniture procurement partner in China ?

Purchasing office since 2008

For more than 10 years, we have built processes and expertise to manage productions in Chinese factories

Quality management team on the ground

From prototypes to mass productions, every item is inspected before it leaves China

European management

Founded by two French men, Asiaction keeps a strong European organization

Shipping & logistics management

Our team finds the best shipping rates and coordinates the delivery to your door 

Mass productions for large projects

Working directly with factories, we can produce large quantities at competitive prices

customise Existing furniture as you want
Factories produce what you want: change colour, material, add your logo
Produce furniture exactly as you need

With our experienced team on the ground, developing new models is easy and fast

Our prices are competitive

We buy directly from manufacturers. We are confident in providing competitive prices on the long term

Start saving time & money now

Less travels
to factories

Our managers, purchasers, inspectors are on the ground to audit factories, inspect products, samples and prototypes.

Less defects
less complaints

Each production is inspected before shipment. We guarantee the quality and hold responsible in case of defects.

MORE containers
delivered on time

We maintain close relationship with manufacturers and make sure productions are launched and finish on time.

Let Asiaction Furniture be
your furniture one-stop Global Solution for China

you may think
more fees ?

Change your approach.

Think about global costs and long term benefits.

Our prices include :

Project managers, purchasers, inspectors and logistics operators. We are in China 365 days a year. We are few hours away from any production site. We can handle several manufacturers at once for your project.

We can source products for you all along the year. We attends fairs but also have access to great factories that do not even need a website. We are in touch with several hundreds of reliable factories.

Every shipment that we send has been inspected by our inspectors and passed our requirements. You can access our quality control reports.

With people on the ground, you can now more easily make customization on your products. There is almost no limit.

We know about furniture and we know about Chinese factories. We know how to avoid mistakes and we anticipate problems.

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